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Our new location at the Great Commission Center is providing us with some amazing opportunities to connect with neighbors, build relationships, and make disciples. One of those ways is through Food Truck Fridays, that has ,this year, started a location for the weekly event next door to us! The event started in April, and since then, we have blocked off our parking lot so that people getting food would have a place to sit down, visit, and eat. By putting out chairs and trash cans, we have a place to connect with these neighbors from around the city who come for food on a Friday night.

So, we’re working to schedule volunteers to staff our Food Truck Friday outreach next door to the Great Commission Center!  We’re looking for volunteers and/or teams who will commit to coming on a Friday (5:30-6 pm-9:30 pm) to put our chairs, talk with folks who sit in our lot to enjoy the food, and watch for opportunities to have Gospel conversations with those who come our way. This will be going on weekly from now through the end of October.

We have had a few volunteers helping us already, but we need more, and would like to start having groups come in to assist starting on June 3. So, would your church be willing to take a Friday evening this summer, or more, to send volunteers (2-6 or more) to be on-site at 1324 The Plaza, serving as hosts to those who come.

Children’s Choir Camp 2016

This summer, June 27-30, there will be a Children’s Choir Camp held at Unity Baptist Church in Gastonia, NC. This year is the Camp’s 30th year and we are bringing in our Favorite Clinician World Renown Children’s Music Composer Pam Andrews and her World Renown Choreographer Shea Roland. The Camp is from 9:00am-3:00pm and on Thursday Evening we will Premiere Pam’s New Musical! It has never been done before and our camp will be the first to do it in the world. You also get to do a special class: Dance, Percussion, Sign Language, or Guitar and each class will have a special part in the musical. We are very excited! There are only 80 spots so send in your registration today! Kids from 4 years old to completion of 6th Grade are able to come participate in the camp!!!

For those interested in registering their child(ren), please click on this Children’s Choir Camp 2016 Registration Form to download and send in.

Baptisms in Every Church

Our theme for 2016 is “Doing the Great Commission Together”.
One of the ways we do the Great Commission is by the biblical act of baptism as we make disciples, baptizing in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

In 2016 we are encouraging our churches are to pursue the goal of EVERY BAPTISMAL POOL BE USED IN 2016! Each year too many of our churches never see water in that pool, never seeing a believer baptized. It is sad to see baptisteries used for storage instead of for baptisms!

We have church plants that do not have their own facilities, including a baptismal pool. While MBA loans a portable pool to our churches and church plants as needed, let’s pursue the goal of having church plants use the baptismal facilities of our churches, and encourage your church family to attend the baptismal service when the other congregation uses your building.

One way we are going to pursue and celebrate baptisms in 2016 is by asking that pictures taken of baptisms be sent to MBA so that we can spread the good news of believers being baptized here this year. So, whenever your church has a baptism, please email that photograph to us at We will post those photos on our website, and on our Facebook page.

We’ll be sending regular email reminders of this goal, asking for photos of your baptisms this year.

We must be obedient to Jesus’ command, and that includes baptizing new Christians as we make disciples. Join us in praying that God will send us to reach those who need reaching so that they may turn to follow Jesus, be baptized and discipled in a local congregation.

To view pictures of the baptisms, click here.