Blood Drive

The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas (CBCC) is your community blood center. CBCC provides more than 85% of the blood supply to the 11 greater Charlotte area hospitals.

CBCC saves local lives; quite possibly the lives of someone in your own family, congregation, neighborhood or workplace. These are local lives impacted daily by cancer, heart surgery, stroke and aneurysm. Most don’t realize, but blood is not just used in the treatment of car accidents and trauma. In fact, more blood is used for treatment of cancer and coronary surgery than trauma-related care.

By donating blood, you will be performing a life-saving community service and demonstrating personal support of the community, helping control healthcare costs by giving blood to the local blood supplier preferred by the hospitals.

Research shows the number one reason people do not give blood is because they were never asked. We’re asking; please contact us to find out where to donate or schedule a drive at your church or workplace.

For more information call (704) 972-4700 or log on to