Love INC Ministry – Love in the Name of Christ

Love in the Name of Christ is a Christian non-profit organization that works with over 175 churches of 23+ different denominations in Mecklenburg County. Our mission is to help churches reach out to serve the poor. We do that by receiving requests for help from over 100 social service agencies in the county for people who have unmet needs. Love INC verifies the needs and then coordinates the efforts of church volunteers to meet the needs. All of our clients are low income and about 70% are disabled or elderly. About 12,000 local people were helped last year by Love INC church volunteers.

There are several areas right now where extra help is needed. If you want to make a real difference for people in need, please contact Love INC to help with one or more of these needs:

  1. Love INC works with office volunteers and because the needs are rising rapidly in our community, we need more people working in the office to call clients and do data entry. We will train you. Please consider giving a few hours every week to this worthy cause.
  2. Burmese refugees are being brought to Charlotte in large numbers right now. These individuals need a lot of help and mentoring. Two main needs right now are people to help get new apartments set up for them (furniture is available, but needs to be moved in) and groups or individuals to help them acclimate to this new culture. They come from a very poor area and many have been living in refugee camps for several years, so they have no idea how to survive here in the U.S.
  3. Love INC is receiving more requests for installation of bath safety rails. If you are a skilled carpenter and know how to provide this service, would you consider installing them as a volunteer service occasionally?

If you want to help the poor in the above ways or to donate any other skill that you have, please contact the Love INC office at (704) 536-5588 or e-mail Pat Marcum,


A “Gap Ministry” is when a church steps in to form a ministry that Love INC has identified as being a “gap” in services in the community.

I am so happy to be able to announce to you the opening of a new and much needed Love INC Gap Ministry in Charlotte. Renovatus Church in Charlotte has agreed to host a Re-cycled Medical Equipment Ministry for Love INC’s clients. Love INC will make the referrals of individuals to this church’s Medical Equipment Ministry and the church will donate the needed equipment.

BUT YOUR HELP IS NEEDED…..please notify your congregation that if they have used medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, bedside toilets (cleaned and sanitized only, please!), walkers, canes, hospital beds and other types of medical equipment they would like to donate, to please take them to Renovatus Church. This church is located on Central Avenue. Contact Tracey, the church administrator at (704) 405-1290 or e-mail her at to let her know what you have to donate. You will receive a tax exemption receipt for your donation.

Love INC has a training date set up to train volunteers in how to weatherize the homes of low-income elderly or disabled individuals. View flyer

Other gap ministries still needed:
COMPUTER MINISTRY – A church hosting this ministry needs space for used computers and someone to run the ministry. Love INC will let other churches in the Love INC network know about it and recruit donations for your church’s ministry. Love INC will send clients (individuals, nonprofit organizations and churches) who need computers to your church to have re-conditioned computers donated to them. You would need a good bit of space to house the computers before and after they were re-conditioned.

BICYCLE MINISTRY – low income children all over Charlotte need bicycles. Can your church host a ministry to receive used bikes and help repair and recycle them? You would need sufficient space to house a lot of bicycles before and after they were repaired.

BLAKETS AND BEDDING MINISTRY – many individuals receive beds and other furniture from ministries, but may not have blankets and bedding. This is a good ministry for a small church. Space is needed to hold the materials being donated, but a room as small as 10 X 10 would work for this.

Contact:Pat Marcum
Executive Director
Love INC of Mecklenburg County
P.O. Box 18517
Charlotte, NC 28218
(704) 536-5588