“The Rooftop” with Dennis Pethers: March 1

Seeing Our City as God Sees

A Gathering for Pastors, Church Staff and Missions Leaders
Thursday, March 1, 2012
From 10 am to 2 pm (including lunch) at Metrolina Baptist Association:

The “Rooftop” Experience with Dennis Pethers

Metrolina Association is partnering with Lifeway to sponsor the Rooftop experience, presented by Dennis Pethers from Great Britain. He is visiting a number of associations in North Carolina, and we are glad he can be with us on March 1.

Dennis has seen how his home country has wandered from an awareness of and the worship of God. He is coming to meet and pray with us, encouraging us to pray for and reach our neighbors for Christ before it is too late.

Come and experience this fresh approach to evangelism with us on Thursday, March 1. We begin at 10 am with teaching and discussion, break for lunch, then have the “rooftop” experience, looking out over the city, praying for neighbors and neighborhoods who need Christ. We will conclude by 2 pm.

Please respond to this email to sign up to participate. This event is for pastors, student pastors and workers, church staff, and missions leaders in our churches who want to engage the culture with the good news of Jesus.

Here’s an answer to the question, “Why the Rooftop?”

The church in North America is at a crossroads. New generations of people no longer attend church as their parents and grandparents did. The number of people who don’t know Jesus or recognize that they should know Him is growing.

As this new reality increases and spreads throughout North America, many churches experience the growing awareness of the crisis that is looming. This crisis is often described in terms of fewer people attending church.

But what if that is not the crisis? What if the real crisis is that those who attend church are not sharing the gospel with those who aren’t? What if we saw the crisis as an opportunity?

The Rooftop is an initiative to help churches face this new reality and grasp the opportunity to encourage a new culture of faith sharing. And it begins with an encounter with God.

Join us on March 1 to learn more about this opportunity to encourage one another to be the witnesses Jesus said we would be in Acts 1:8. Call 704.375.1197 or email host@metrolina.org to reserve your place at the table, on the “rooftop.” This will be our Pastors’ Fellowship event for March, 2012. Pastor, if you cannot attend, please send someone from your church who can bring this vision back to your congregation.