MBA Ministry Plans for the DNC

MINISTRY PLANS for the Democratic National Convention (DNC)
in Charlotte, September, 2012
From Bob Lowman, Jr. –
Metrolina Baptist Association: 704.375.1197

The Democratic National Convention is coming to Charlotte September 2-6, and the first reaction I’m hearing from pastors is “I want to get as far away from uptown Charlotte as I can during that week.” (I’ve said the same thing!) Whether that sentiment is based on traffic, politics, or both, doesn’t matter.

The truth is we are going to have 35,000 or more guests with us in the Charlotte area, so what are we going to do about prayerfully ministering to them in Jesus’ name? Add to that question the awareness that, according to some reports, we could have as many as 10,000 prostitutes coming to Charlotte to work during the DNC. (And yes, the same number will be going to Tampa for the RNC). Are we going to abandon our mission field to miss something we may want to avoid? Or, will we decide to pray and care for others so that we can have the opportunity to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ?

Here are some of the plans our association is working on to prayerfully minister to the 35,000+ guests who will come to our area for the DNC. Please take a look at these opportunities, and let us know where you believe you need to serve during this important time in Charlotte and Metrolina.

We began 40 days of prayer before the DNC on July 25, sharing a prayer calendar/guide with our churches and others. The guide is still available at or by email from our office. This prayerful preparation also includes weekly prayerwalks on Wednesday at noon, beginning at the MBA Building. Some of our churches are prayerwalking the uptown area at other times – join us in this strategic intercession before September arrives.

On Sunday, September 2, Charlotte714 will be at Verizon Amphitheater. This city-wide gathering of Christians and churches, 3 pm, will give us an opportunity to unite in prayer, not in a political focus, but a spiritual focus, seeking God for revival and spiritual awakening. Visit for more information on this important effort.

Monday through Wednesday, September 3-6, we are asking for intercessors, volunteers who will come and maintain prayer at the MBA Building. We will have guides and resources to assist with the on-going prayer effort, but the second floor at the MBA Building will be a dedicated prayer center those days from 9 am to 4 pm.

We hosted evangelism training on Saturday, August 4, and will continue to prepare to be on the streets of uptown Charlotte sharing the good news of Jesus with our guests during the DNC. Darrel Davis of Garner will be bringing a team to work with us, distributing tracts and engaging people we meet with evangelistic conversations. We need volunteers from our churches who are willing to participate in tese outreaching efforts. Training will be provided for those who volunteer.

We will have a water and prayer station where we will distribute free bottles of water, offer to pray for those who come by, and share tracts and other literature. The primary location will be on the front lawn at First Baptist Church, Charlotte. Our goal is to have the station open from 10 am to 7 pm, and to have shifts of volunteers staffing the station at 3 hour intervals. While FBC is providing some parking spaces during this time, we may have limited access to those spaces, so those who sign up for this opportunity need to be ready to serve for at least a 3 hour period if not longer, and may possibly have to walk a few blocks to access the FBC site. The station at FBC will also be a staging location for our evangelism team on the streets Monday-Wednesday.

We need bottled water to share with our guests during the DNC….
If you or your church would be willing to donate a pack of bottle water (24 or 32 bottles), please bring them by the MBA Building any Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm. We are hoping to have on hand several thousand bottles by September 3, so we’ll need all the donated water we can get from our churches and other donors. Donate by Monday, August 27, please.

We have been given 10,000 Gospel of John booklets to distribute during the DNC, and we working to prepare those with information labels so they will be ready to share. If volunteers from your church would like to come help us with this effort, please let us know.

Housing for Evangelism Team
Mulberry Baptist Church has offered their family life center as a housing location for the evangelism volunteers that will be coming to work with us during the DNC. We would ask for donations of food to help feed these volunteers as they work with us that week. If you would like to help in this way, please call our office to find out exactly what is needed. Food would be need to be donated by Thursday, August 30 so we can have everything ready for the team’s arrival.

Please let us know what you will do to join us on our mission field for the DNC.
Consider these opportunities, share them with your church family, and let us know what you would like to volunteer to do during this special season of ministry in Metrolina.

See the checklist on the next page of ways to participate…
Here is a check-list of possible ways to participate in the Democratic National Convention (DNC) ministry efforts sponsored by Metrolina Baptist Association (MBA)…pick one or more and join us!

o Donate bottled water to be distributed at our Water+Prayer Station (deliver to MBA by Monday, August 27)

o Participate in a weekly Wednesday prayerwalk, 12 noon, beginning at MBA, 328 West Carson Boulevard.

o Donate food for evangelism team coming to Charlotte for the DNC. Call 704.375.1197 for more information.

o Help label 10,000 Gospel of John booklets. Call us for a time to help with this project.

o Use the 40 Days of Prayer guide in preparation for the DNC.

o Be ready to join the evangelism team as they hit the streets during the DNC to distribute tracts and Gospels of John, talking with people about Jesus.

o Go to the Charlotte714 prayer rally on Sunday, September 2, 3 pm at Verizon Amphitheater with a group from your church.

o Come to the Prayer Center at the MBA Building to strategically pray for those here for the DNC Monday-Wednesday, September 3-5, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

o Volunteer to serve for a shift at the Water+Prayer Station in front of First Baptist, Charlotte, distributing bottled water, praying for passersby, sharing literature. Call 704.375.1197 or email to sign up.

o Share an air mattress for an evangelism team member coming to Charlotte for the DNC.

For more information or to join us for any of these service opportunities
during the DNC, call 704.375.1197 or email

Visit for the latest news on upcoming opportunities.

We will be updating this information as we get closer to September…
Stay tuned for more ways to pray, care, and share Jesus with those around us…and
let this be a time of prayerful preparation for reaching our mission field here in the future!

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