Kingdom Focus 2020: What Do You See? #4

What do you see on the mission field around you?

Dr. Bob Lowman, Executive Director, MBA

The place where we live, work, love and serve is our mission field. It is where God has placed us. The Bible confirmed this when the Apostle Paul said: “From one man He has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live. He did this so that they might seek God, and perhaps they might reach out and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:27-27). In other words, we are where we are so that we and those around us might seek and find God. We are where we are for a reason, and the place you call home is a mission field.

So, what do you see on the mission field around you? Do you notice needs, people, problems, opportunities, or all the above? What gets your attention as you look on the mission field where you live?

Something to clarify as we ask this question is: as you look at the mission field around you, what lens are you using? What perspective do you use as you view the mission field? The simple fact that we are calling it a mission field assumes much. It assumes that someone has given us a mission. It assumes that there is a reason we are here. It assumes that there are needs to be met.

Our association’s theme for 2020 is Kingdom Focus. Jesus is the King, and we are to be focused on His lordship and His Kingdom in all that we are and do. He has sent us on a mission here, which is best understood in the Great Commission of Matthew 28. We are to make disciples as we go, baptizing those who follow Jesus in faith, teaching them to obey all that He commands us. So, if we want to do as King Jesus commanded, we will be looking at the mission field around us with a Kingdom lens, acknowledging that Jesus is in charge and we will trust and obey Him no matter what, endeavoring to make disciples who will make disciples.

Maybe we need to ask a difficult question: do we really see anything on our mission field? Are we so busy that we fail to notice the needs next door? Are we so preoccupied that we do not see those around us who will miss heaven because they do not know Jesus? Are we so inwardly focused at church that we have forgotten that we are to be outwardly focused, looking at the mission field where the harvest is abundant but the workers on those fields are few? (Luke 10:2)

Perhaps that is why the workers are few. Few of us actually see the needs around us. And if we do see them, we assume that someone else will do something about it.

King Jesus, please open our eyes so that we may see the mission field around us as You see it. Get our attention so that we will look up from all that preoccupies us to see what You see when you look at our communities. Help us to notice the women, the men, the children, the families, the neighbors, the immigrants, the friends and strangers who need to know You. And then, empowered by Your Spirit, help us to be Your witnesses to tell them all how great Your love is for them. Show us how to demonstrate Your love by opening our eyes. Help us to see everyone on the mission field around us. Amen.