MBA Zoom Church Preparedness #1

A group of Metrolina pastors and leaders discussing best practices in response to the Covid-19 crisis, including how to live stream worship, using Zoom calls for group meetings, and more.

We are in unprecedented times during this COVID-19/coronavirus crisis in our area. Many pastors and churches are at a loss as to how to reach their church members for Sunday worship and weekly fellowship. A group of Metrolina pastors and leaders decided to help assist churches to meet logistical needs at this time. Discussing best practices for live stream worship, as well as how to use online tools for Bible study and fellowship via internet connections, this video helps to give a foundation of ideas and options for the church to continue to be able to meet–even when the physical building doors are closed.

The links below were tools and other items mentioned in the video above:

iPhone/iPad adapter:

Devices for audio and phone from your sound board (select what need):

Capture card if needed:

GoPro Hero 8:

Canon camera:

Sony camera:

Videos mentioned:

Studio setup: 

Web to pre-record: 

Very simple phone only setup:

Other tools:

Google Hangouts or Meet (name changed)


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