COVID-19 Helpful Links

Metrolina Leaders discuss the COVID-19 crisis and plans for churches once the stay at home orders are lifted.

Several church leaders were asked, “What are some ministry idols you see being exposed by COVID-19?” Here’s what they said: 10 MINISTRY IDOLS BEING EXPOSED BY COVID-19

We’re all looking forward to the day when we’re past this COVID-19 crisis enough that our churches can worship together again. None of us can know for certain how we’ll be different when that happens, but here are 12 ways Chuck Lawless thinks WE MIGHT ALL BE DIFFERENT WHEN WE GATHER AGAIN AS CONGREGATIONS

As we anticipate reopening our churches in the near future, there are a lot of questions to be answered. Ken Braddy suggests opening the church in phases in his article Reopening the Church: 4 Phases for an Orderly Return REOPENING THE CHURCH: 4 PHASES FOR AN ORDERLY RETURN

Chuck Lawless offers 10 Questions to Consider Before Regathering. These are serious questions that every pastor and church leader should ask in the coming days.

Brian Upshaw, who serves with our Baptist State Convention, wrote a post after the judge’s decision to allow churches to reopen their facilities to worship indoors, titled, Regathering & the First Amendment: Celebrating Freedom, Exercising Wisdom. This very helpful article evaluates our current situation and offers options.

NC Baptists on reopening churches: REOPENING YOUR CHURCH

Georgia Baptist Mission Board on reopening churches: BASIC GUIDE FOR RETURNING TO YOUR CHURCH BUILDING AFTER COVID-19

Tennessee Baptist Mission Board on reopening churches: GATHERING TOGETHER AGAIN