We’re Family: Helping One Another Through the COVID-19 Crisis

A Message from Dr. Bob Lowman

It has been a gift from God to see how our churches are focusing on Great Commandment and Great Commission obedience through these challenging days. Thank you to all of our pastors and leaders who have served their churches and neighbors in exemplary ways through the COVID-19 crisis.

 This message comes to ask 2 questions of our family of churches in Metrolina:

  1. Can your church help other churches in these times? 
    If your church is doing well and wants to be of service to other churches in Metrolina, please let us know. Several of our churches have indicated their readiness to help in a variety of ways, from assisting with worship video production, to partnering with other churches in ministry efforts. 

    We are expanding our Ministry Support Fund’s work this year to include helping churches and pastors in need. Our Church Strengthening Team will be coordinating that response for us. If your church would like to contribute to support that funding effort for other congregations, please send a contribution marked “Ministry Support Fund” to MBA at 1324 The Plaza, Charlotte, 28205. We will be communicating regularly with all of our churches, and when needs arise, these funds can be tapped to assist in times of need.
  2. Does your church need help through these times? 
    If you have any kind of need that we or one of our churches could assist with, know that we are here for you for such a time as this. Since our association was founded in 1886, we have been there to help our family of churches in all kinds of ways. Now is another of those times when you can call and we will make every effort to assist.

Here is the bottom line: Our association exists to serve our churches. However we can partner through these days, we have churches that are ready to help and encourage you and your church.

If you have questions about how your church can be of help, or how your church can get some help, don’t hesitate to contact us at missions@metrolina.org. Our staff is ready to encourage and equip as we work together on the Metrolina mission field.

We are hosting a weekly Zoom call online for pastors and leaders on Wednesdays at 11 am. Join us to learn more about ways to work and pray together in the days ahead.

Thank You for being God’s Kingdom people through these times. Pray with us that God will work through these days to revive the churches and send awakening to our communities, making much of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.