WMU Mission Project Opportunity

Making Medical Masks

Our healthcare workers are on the front lines helping with the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help them.

Each of us have gifts and talents that God has given us to serve others. Now, more than ever before, those gifts are needed to serve people around us.

As you may know, there is currently a great need for simple masks that can be worn by non-COVID-19 patients and providers, larger masks to fit over N95 and other medical-grade equipment, and masks with pockets to hold removable filters. This is where you come in. Many of you are talented sewers and may have people in your churches or associations looking for a way to serve in the current pandemic. We need your help in making medical masks for healthcare workers in our state.

Homemade masks can be sewn by hand or machine, but should be double-layered and made with pre-washed cotton. There are many resources available online that provide a list of materials to use, patterns, and instructions on how to make DIY masks. We’ve included a few helpful resources below.

Many of you may already be doing this or thinking of doing it. We encourage you to reach out to your local medical facilities and donate masks if you can. Many places that we may not normally think of, like nursing homes and prisons, need them as well. If you would like us to help you locate a place to donate masks, please reach out to Amy Boone by clicking here. Below is a list of resources you or your church can use to begin making masks.

How to Make a Face Mask to Donate to Health Care Workers

In this article by It’s Always Autumn, Autumn details the following information in her how-to article:

  • Info from the CDC on whether homemade face masks should be used
  • Links to organizations that are coordinating volunteers
  • Links to face mask patterns that you can sew at home
  • Step by step sewing video showing you exactly how to make a mask

Read the article here.

We are thankful to our friends at Alabama WMU who put together this resource and provided us with the opportunity to share it with you.


Here are some additional resources and videos you may find helpful in making the masks:


Thank you for all the ways you are praying for our state, nation, and world during this difficult time. While the needs around us are great, God has equipped us with ways to help and serve people around us. Whether it’s making face masks, encouraging your friends and neighbors, praying for your pastor and church leaders, sending cards to your local nursing home, or sharing online worship opportunities, you are helping to make a difference. Together we will make it through this. Together we can share the love of Jesus with those around us.