Changes for Churches: What Should the Church Look Like Post-pandemic?

Metrolina leaders discuss changes that have needed to take place during quarantine, and changes that may need to continue or be implemented as we look to the future.

CHANGES FOR CHURCHES: What Should the Church Look Like Post-Pandemic?

  1. Outwardly focused ministry will be necessary for the church to be relevant and strong.
  2. Fewer people attending worship in person (at least for the near future).
  3. Online worship opportunities will be vitally important to maintain & improve.
  4. Creative and different ways to do children and student ministry are needed.
  5. Many if not most team/committee/leadership meetings move online.
  6. Discipleship/community groups are how the church engages in fellowship & pastoral care.
  7. Use as a prayer evangelism and outreach tool.
  8. Move online worship to later (Sunday afternoon/evening) so that those who can attend will attend in the morning, and only use the online option if absolutely necessary.
  9. How do we improve/enhance the online worship/church opportunities without catering to the consumer church perspective?
  10. Missions is local & global, fulfilling our Acts 1:8 task. Maintaining a balance in our missions efforts will be important in post-pandemic times.

What changes do you see coming? How are you helping prepare your church for the changes coming during and after the pandemic?

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Metrolina Baptist Association | | Dr. Bob Lowman, Executive Director