Pastor Appreciation Month

10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Pastor

1.) Send a simple Thank You card.

2.) In the middle of the week, send a quick email of encouragement.

3.) Pastors need time off, too. Take a special offering in your church or small group and gift your pastor with a personalized time-off package, e.g. Date Night, Golf Outing, Concert Tickets, or even an all-expense paid vacation! (Don’t forget about his family.)

4.) Show his family you love them, too. Nothing blesses a pastor’s heart more than seeing the congregation bless his family.

5.) Create a gift basket of his favorite things.

6.) Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards! Know his favorite coffee shop, lunch pick, or dinner venue? Get together with your church and take an offering to get him a gift card to one of those places. How many cups of coffee or lunches can you provide for him in that offering? A week’s worth? A month’s worth?

7.) Offer to get your small group together and throw a paint party in a room at church your pastor mentioned needed an update.

8.) Get involved. If you don’t already do so, volunteer at church.

9.) Upgrade his life. Is there a favorite service or app he likes to use? Offer to pay for the upgrade to no ads, or better features and benefits.

10.) And, of course, you can never go wrong with a cash offering.

MBA is thankful for all the pastors who faithfully serve in Metrolina for the furthering of the Gospel of Christ. What are some other ways you can show appreciation this month?