What do you see in the Bible in 2020?

For those of us living through these times, we have never, ever had a year like 2020. Every year is different, but this year…well, you understand. So, as we begin the last quarter of the year this month, what is the best way we could conclude 2020? Our friend at Southeastern Seminary, Dr. Chuck Lawless, recommends that we conclude the year focusing on God’s Word in an unusual, but very helpful way. We have promoted a 90 day through the Bible reading plan before, but this year, we present Dr. Lawless’ plan, and encourage you to consider doing it.

For each of the final months of 2020, read a short book of the Bible over and over again. This plan allows you to read three New Testament writers.

  • October: Read the book of 1 Timothy, one chapter each day for the remainder of this month. With six chapters, if you start tomorrow you will read through this letter four times in October.
  • November: Read the book of James, one chapter each day for the 30 days of the month. This letter has five chapters, so you’ll read through James six times in November.
  • December: Read the book of 1 Peter, one chapter each day for the 31 days of the month. Again, you’ll read the five chapters of the book six times during the month concluding 2020.

As you read these three letters, follow these guidelines:

  • Ask God to teach you something new from His Word. He will teach, challenge, and convict you as you read these portions of Scripture over and over again.
  • Read slowly….slowly enough to grasp what you’re reading; absorb the reading.
  • Don’t skim or speed-read, especially as you read the book for the fifth or sixth time. The goal is to read thoroughly each time.
  • If you use a study Bible, that’s is fine, but focus on the Scriptures more than the notes.
  • Thank God for all the insights you glean from His Word. Let your Bible reading be a dialogue as you listen to the Lord and respond to Him with gratitude, repentance, and faith.

Here are some of the benefits from this Bible reading plan:

  • You’ll know every day what you will be reading next. The plan is clear through December 31.
  • You’ll strengthen your discipline of reading God’s Word daily.
  • You’ll learn the content of these books well simply by reading them multiple times.
  • You may memorize some verses almost by accident since you will read them multiple times.
  • The Lord will work through His Word and Spirit to grow you as a follower of Jesus.

Since we believe the Bible is God’s infallible and inerrant Word, a supernatural gift to us, we need to see daily what He is saying to us through its pages. Join me in using this plan to see how the Lord will speak to us as we walk through the concluding months of 2020. Encourage others to join you in this journey. God may very well use these portions of His Word to change, heal, help, and save lives in the days ahead. May it be so!

Dr. Bob Lowman, Executive Director, MBA
October 6, 2020

[Special thanks to Dr. Chuck Lawless for this encouragement. Learn more by visiting chucklawless.com]