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The Children of Nazareth Philippines, Inc.

In the small town of General Tinio in the province of Nueva Ecija, less than 10% of children complete their education. To get to school, some have to walk for more than an hour. Many have no food to get them through the day. Most children are forced to stay home from school to work or take care of their younger siblings.

In Barangay Nazareth, the reputation of its residents is even worse. Large families in need are known to give away their newborn children to unqualified relatives or worse, sell them off to strangers.

Our Mission

The goal of the Children of Nazareth Philippines, Inc. is to help abandoned, neglected, and orphaned children attain a better life and optimal development through a loving, God-centered environment which they may otherwise not experience, for the purpose of bringing glory to God Almighty. We are committed to helping them have a happier life, a sense of belonging and a chance for a better future.

We Are Here to Give Hope to children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

During the most formative years of a child’s development, between the ages of 4 and 7, children should be nurtured in a loving and healthy environment that helps set the course of their future. Their environment shapes how they will perceive the world around them, the possibilities that life has in store for them and more importantly, their relationships with their community and their faith in God.

Our People

The people behind Children of Nazareth are concerned individuals who are looking for a way to give back to the most disadvantaged sector of our society. We have chosen people to serve in the orphanage who are committed Christians and have been active in our ministry of teaching children the Word of God in General Tinio. We have served this community for over 15 years and are eager to begin full operation of the first ever orphanage in General Tinio.

Our Project

To raise funds for the completion of the Children of Nazareth Philippines, Inc. orphanage building and for its monthly operating costs.

How You Can Help

Prayer: Pray for the workers and the children of this ministry, for provision, for God to be glorified and for the workers, teachers, ministers, missionaries and musicians to completely, accurately and effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Partner: Donate funds to Metrolina Baptist Association with the Memo “Children of Nazareth Orphanage”. Checks can be mailed to 1324 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205. We are also accepting online donations on behalf of Children of Nazareth.

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The Children of Nazareth Philippines, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization registered with the SEC with the following incorporators:

JOSE R. BAUTISTA, Vice President

Children of Nazareth Philippines, Inc.
Brgy. Nazareth, General Tinio
Nueva Ecija, Philippines