Annual Church Profile

Annual Church Profile (ACP) data provides your church, Metrolina Baptist Association and the SBC with key insights into helping your church as we serve together where God has planted us.

With this information, your MBA staff is better equipped to meet your church’s precise ministry needs.

If you are unable to complete the entire Annual Church Profile (ACP) form this year, please share with us these few items of information in the form below by November 15, 2020.

The annual profile collects data based on your church’s calendar year. For example, if your church calendar runs from July 1-June 30, share with us information from this past year. If your church calendar runs from January 1-December 31, share with us the information from your most recent complete calendar year.

Thank you for your partnership on mission here where God has planted us!

Annual Church Profile
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If you do not have a website, but have a Facebook page, group or other social platform, please enter the URL for your online presence here.
Avg. # of people viewing online Sunday service videos
Avg. # of people attending Sunday services
Total # of baptisms in previous calendar year
Avg. # of people enrolled in Sunday School or Small Groups
# of people who hold their membership at your church
Total Giving in $ Amounts to Undesignated Funds