Becoming an Associated Church


With Metrolina Baptist Association?

Metrolina Baptist Association is a family of Baptist congregations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area which exists to encourage and equip our family of 150+ churches and church plants toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We have connected as an association since 1886, realizing that we can do more together than any one church can do alone. This is part of our heritage as missionary Baptists – we unite in order to accomplish the Lord’s missions and ministries from where we live to the ends of the earth.

Connecting with Metrolina Baptist Association is one way to be part of the global work of Southern Baptists. Since each entity (association, state convention, and Southern Baptist Convention) are independent, each church decides how to connect relationally. Most churches connect with all aspects of SBC life from the association to the SBC. Others do not – this is up to the church. We can talk with you about what those options look like.
When a church joins with Metrolina Baptist Association as an associated church, this affirmation includes commitments to:

-Partner with the association in joint missions or ministry efforts as much as possible;
-Build relationships with other associated churches to increase our outreach and ministry in communities across our region;
-Support the work of the association with missions giving on a regular basis (the amount is up to the church – we normally encourage new church starts to begin with 1%-3% of receipts to support local missions efforts through MBA);
-Pray for our family of churches;
-Participate in associational gatherings as much as possible (this includes nominating a leader to serve on the MBA Board, sending messengers to our annual meeting, and participating in the various gatherings of the association through the year).

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Metrolina Baptist Association pledges to encourage and equip each church by:

-Staying in touch with the church via email, mail, texting, and personal contacts;
-Offering training and resources to equip the churches to fulfill the Great Commission;
-Building intentional relationships with pastors and leaders;
-Providing financial or in-kind support for specific projects in strategic ways;
-Assisting with pastoral transitions when a church is searching for new leadership;
-Consulting with the churches in specific or comprehensive ways to assist in movement toward church health and effectiveness in mission and ministry;
-Working to meet any need presented with care and concern;
-Being a connecting point between the church and other Baptist entities for resources and assistance.
The process to become an associated church with MBA:
-Express interest in connecting by submitting a formal request to become an associated church.
-Meet with our Executive Director and/or our Administrative Team to discuss this opportunity.
-If approved by the Administrative Team, the application is presented to the association in annual session (October each year) for consideration.
MBA Bylaws: Section 3.1. Associated Church. An “associated church” shall be one that financially supports the Association and that is in friendly cooperation with the Association and sympathetic with its purposes and work.