Bounce House

Metrolina Baptist Association has purchased 2 Standard and 2 Bounce with Slide bounce houses to be used as ministry tools by our churches and partners.

Churches and ministry partners may rent: 1 (one) standard bounce house 13ft x 13ft, and/or 1 (one) bounce house with slide–up to 2 total bounce houses at a time.  

View our CALENDAR to see if your desired dates are available for Bounce House rental.

Current Rates:

$150 – Standard Bounce House
$200 – Bounce House with Slide

Due to high demand, each church may make 2 reservations per quarter.  Quarters are as follows: Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, Mar-May, Jun-Aug.  

  • Ministries MUST have reservations made through an MBA church or partner ministry
  • Our active associated churches, church plants and partner ministries are welcome to reserve one (Standard OR Slide) or both (Standard AND Slide) bounce houses at the rates above.
  • Bounce houses must be returned swept clean (MUST BE DONE WHILE INFLATED), dry and rolled up properly (please view video below)
  • 1 Gas-powered generator is available for an additional $100 fee
  • We DO NOT offer delivery services for our bounces
  • Bounces are bulky and require a full-size van, full-size SUV, pickup truck or trailer for transport
  • Bounce houses must be picked up and dropped off during MBA’s regular office hours (Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm)
  • Ministry partners must arrange for 2 strong, able-bodied individuals to pick up and drop off bounce houses
  • Please call ahead of time to schedule BOTH your pick up and drop off times (704) 375-1197

Please watch the video below for a Bounce House Folding Tutorial.

We also have other ministry partners who have bounce houses that may be used depending on availability. If the MBA bounce houses are booked, these partners may be contacted to see if their bounce houses are available.  If you would like more information on this ministry, contact the MBA Office at (704) 375-1197 or email

If you, your church, or your organization would like to reserve a Bounce House, please read the following information before filling out our Bounce House Request Form:

Please ensure that the following Set-up Instructions and Safety Rules are followed:

Items included:  Bounce House(s), Tarp(s), Sand buckets, Stakes, and blower unit(s).

We have included all of the necessary items to set up and safely maintain the Bounce House(s) from Metrolina Baptist Association that are to be used and returned on the specified dates as agreed to.  Since the Bounce Houses will be used by many churches/organizations, we ask that you take very good care of them while they are in your use and return all of the items, so they are mission-ready for the next group using them.  After use but before collapsing, please sweep out and wipe down the interior/exterior using a mild disinfecting cleaner.  Allow to dry completely before folding.

The Bounce House(s) is bulky and requires at least 2 people for moving and set up.
The Bounce House(s) may be placed in two ways:  1) On pavement using the tarp beneath it and anchored/secured with sand buckets or 2) On grass and anchored/secured w/stakes in the ground.

When setting up Inflatable Bounce House(s) ensure:

  • You avoid setting up Bounce House(s) in areas with close proximity to trees or electrical lines since they are 15 ft. tall.
  • There are no high winds.
  • A tarp has been provided and should be placed on the ground to protect the bottom of the unit if using on pavement.  Make sure to clear all debris from the area where the bounce house will be placed.
  • The unit is to be placed on flat, dry ground, away from trees or overhead electrical lines.
  • The inflatable object is secured to the ground using every anchor point provided, plus the recommended
     amount of sandbags or weights.
  • Impact absorbing mats cover the hard surfaces to the open side(s) of the equipment, please have responsible adults overseeing the entrance/openings and bottom of slide.
  • No rips or tears are visible when the unit is inflated.  Otherwise, it should not be used.  Contact MBA to notify us immediately.
  • The unit fully inflates and isn’t sagging.
  • The supervising adult covers the MBA Bounce House Safety Rules (below) with the bouncers and then enforces them.

When deflating the Bounce House(s), make sure to unzip the opposite corner from the blower connection and dispel the air by folding it.  The tarp will wrap around the deflated bounce house and straps will secure it in place.  Again the Bounce House(s) are bulky and take at least 2 people to appropriately manage them.

MBA Bounce House Safety Rules



Compatible age groups must play on unit at the same time. Age groups must not be mixed. Different sized children must not be mixed.

Ages 2 to 8 ……….8 children maximum
Ages 9 to 13 ……..6 children maximum
Ages 14 to 17 ……4 children maximum

All persons must remove cell phones, shoes, glasses, jewelry, and any other sharp objects that may harm the other users or Bounce House or anyone in or around the Bounce House. All bouncers must empty their pockets before entering the Bounce House. No toys or cell phones are allowed in the Bounce House. Please do not tape or fasten anything to the Bounce House.


If the motor has stopped – check the cord connection at the outlet and at the motor. Remember use of more than one extension cord can trip the circuit breaker. Remove all bouncers IMMEDIATELY until it is safe for them to re-enter.