Fill the Tank

Slated for Sunday, September 12th, our new Executive Director-Treasurer, Todd Unzicker, is launching his ministry among North Carolina Baptists with an emphasis on evangelizing the lost and baptizing the saved.

We are praying that every NC Baptist church will fill their baptistry on Sept 12th and celebrate the Ordinance of Baptism.  

Just think of the changed lives, the rejuvenated churches and the eternal impact we would witness if every church in the Baptist State Convention participated. Even if a church doesn’t have someone to baptize on that day the focus on baptism will raise awareness of the lost, the need for a gospel witness and life-transformation in Christ.

The baptistry at the Great Commission Center Chapel will be filled for September 12th for our churches that meet there and for any church that would want to use the baptistry for that day. We also have 2 portable baptistries we can loan for FREE to your church if needed. Let us know how we can serve you as we do the Great Commission together!

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The event is finished.