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[RE]VITALIZE Conference April 26th

Lebanon Baptist Church, in conjunction with NAMB, the Baptist State Convention of NC, and the Piedmont Baptist Association, is hosting a church revitalization conference called REVITALIZE. Focus and Main Speakers: This year, we have Mark Clifton, Bob Bickford, Mark Hallock, and many more coming to speak to pastors and lay […]

Kingdom Focus 2020: What Do You See? #5

What do you see in a declining church? Dr. Bob Lowman, Executive Director, MBA There are some things we like to see, things that are positive, good, exciting, encouraging. The sight of a declining church is really none of those things. For many years, churches did not want to admit […]

The Response NC – Prayer Force

The Response NC is on Saturday, September 26, and between now and then, starting September 1, the Prayer Force will be preparing for this statewide prayer gathering by uniting in Kingdom-focused prayer. To join the Prayer Force, visit The Response website and you’ll receive the daily prayer encounters starting today. […]

The Price of Revival | OneCry

This post by Randy Hekman on reminds us of the cost of the reviving we say we long for…read, share, pray that we will be ready to pay the price day by day… Movement News & Conversation | OneCry | A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening.