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UNDIVIDED Session 1 Intro Zoom Call 8/31/2020

In this Introductory session of our UNDIVIDED study series, MBA Leaders view the study video and discuss the topics and teaching points mentioned in the video and study guide. Learn more about our UNDIVIDED: More Than a Hashtag study at metrolina.org/undivided. Want to be a part of this study? Click […]

Metrolina Leaders Zoom Call with Dr. Tate Cockrell

In the video above, Dr. Tate Cockrell, Professor of Counseling at Southeastern Seminary, shares with pastors and leaders in Metrolina the topic of Compassion Fatigue in times of crisis. Below, you will find a 3-page handout outlining his discussion and techniques to help recognize and combat Compassion Fatigue during times […]

Praying on the Mountain: May 5

Fred Lunsford, a 95 year old retired pastor and Director of Missions from the far western mountains of NC has initiated a day of prayer on May 5th. Fred fought in WWII, stormed Normandy and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He came home from the war and has been […]

MBA Zoom Church Preparedness #1

We are in unprecedented times during this COVID-19/coronavirus crisis in our area. Many pastors and churches are at a loss as to how to reach their church members for Sunday worship and weekly fellowship. A group of Metrolina pastors and leaders decided to help assist churches to meet logistical needs […]

Summer Missions 2020 Application

MBA is looking for a current college or seminary student from our area who can serve as our Summer Intern in 2020. Preference is given to current college or seminary students who are members of MBA churches. Please submit this form by March 16, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and […]