Church Planting



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Metrolina Baptist Association strives to help our churches start churches. We help develop strategy and supply information to help your church advance the Kingdom of God. If you have input or need more information about this area of ministry, please email, or call us at (704) 375-1197. Pray with us that we will be ready to boldly trust and obey our Lord in the days to come, for His glory and our neighbor’s good.

PURPOSE:  To encourage and equip the churches to see the harvest fields and pursue the planting of new congregations in our area. Our staff will oversee the church planting work of the association in partnership with the churches of the association and with the Baptist State Convention of NC, and other Great Commission partners that join us in mission and ministry.

Serving as Host Church for a Church Plant

  • Our association of churches is “facility-rich” – many of our churches have more space in our facilities than we use on a consistent basis.
  • More than 30 MBA churches serve as host for one or more church plants/missions in their facilities.
  • The church plants we encourage our congregations to host are international efforts that reach a specific ethnic group which is located in our area.
  • Some of the international church plants connected to our association include:

Hispanic                 Vietnamese
Montagnard            Korean
Asian Indian            Cambodian
Chinese                   Slavic
Burmese                   Filipino
and more…

  • The 1st generation immigrants in these churches speak their native/mother tongue. The 2nd generation (children and youth) speaks English like American children.
  • The 2nd generation needs someone to speak and minister to them in English – a host church can serve this purpose, making disciples, caring in Jesus’ name.
  • Add to these international church plants several African-American church plants and many new congregations need a place to meet, worship, and minister.
  • MBA has worked with and will work with any of our churches to help forge a partnership relationship in which the host church provides a place, a home for another congregation.
  • This is one of the most effective ways we can reach the nations in our neighborhoods – by being missionaries from our church homes into the communities around us.
  • We strongly encourage a written agreement which describes the relationship, and the responsibilities each group has to the other.
  • One of our primary efforts as an association now is to provide a location for ethnic congregations to meet at our Great Commission Center. As of December, 2016, we are hosting 5 churches at the GCC in Building 1, and plan to expand that to 10 when Building 2 opens for use in 2017.
  • Please let us know if we can work with you to help begin a partnership in missions and ministry, fulfilling Acts 1:8 right here where we live.

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