Disaster Relief

On June 9th and the days following, 95 homes and over 100 structures were damaged or destroyed in Northwest Charlotte when the Catawba River flooded.   This wasn’t widely reported, but the need is great.   I spoke with our City Manager Marcus Jones last night, and our city leaders are asking that the Church help the families impacted by this flooding.   They are mobilizing a service day for this Saturday, June 22, 2019.   

Would you commit to mobilizing your congregation to serve those impacted by the flood?  If so, below are the details from the city that you can send to your members:

Background: the Riverside Drive area of Mecklenburg County/Charlotte was hit with several feet of water from the Catawba River during the heavy rains on June 9, 2019. Numerous structures were damaged and some destroyed to the point where they will not be habitable for many weeks. These residents need assistance with removing furniture and any salvageable goods out of their residence. The need in the short term is manpower to assist with moving items out of residences and clean-up. 

  • Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019
  • Parking Location: Calvary Baptist Church, 10301 Harwood Ln, Charlotte, NC (shuttles will be provided to check-in site)
  • Start time: 9 a.m. | End time: By 5 p.m.
  • Point of contact: Jeremy Bumgarner (980-214-7195)
  • What to wear: Due to the conditions on-scene, pants and long sleeves are recommended. 
  • What to expect: Basic personal protection equipment will be provided upon checking in at the command post located at 1400 Lake Rd, Charlotte, NC 28216. Upon checking in, volunteers will sign a waiver and be assigned to a team and sent into the community to aid residents. 
  • What to bring: Drinks and food will be provided; however, if volunteers would like to donate cases of water, packaged snacks, or cleaning supplies, that would be welcomed. 
  • Additional Information: A minimal decontamination area will be located at the volunteer check-in/check-out location for those leaving the area or needing decontamination. 

If any of your churches are willing to sponsor breakfast or lunch for up to 100 volunteers this Saturday, please email Taylor Jones at taylor@forcharlotte.org.    Thank you for any help you can give.  This is a great opportunity for the Church to be the Church and serve those in need in our city.

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence decimated many areas of the Carolina Coastline.  Just a few weeks later, in October 2018, Tropical Storm Michael brought more wind and water damage to our area.  NC Baptists on Mission and NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief has been on the ground since before Florence arrived on land, and are working to help bring relief to the people whose homes and lives were affected by these storms.  There are still many needs throughout our state; mainly needs for volunteers during the ongoing recovery process.

We have created this page as a landing site for the needs that are currently being requested.

Both Donations and Volunteer Work are needed throughout the Carolinas.  We have listed all needs below.


Metrolina Baptist Association encourages you to give in one of two ways:

  1. Gift cards
  2. Financial donations through NC Baptists on Mission

1. Gift Cards

We encourage gift cards be given in $25 to $50 amounts to Walmart.

Metrolina Association, working directly with associations affected by the storm here in NC and SC, will send donated gift cards to those associations as they come to us. We will send packets of 10-15 cards to each association as we learn their specific needs. These associations are the closest partners their churches have, and will be able to distribute the gift cards in the most effective ways to those pastors and church leaders for use in their communities.

Please bring any donated gift cards to the Great Commission Center and we will be distributing these to partner associations in the affected areas.

2. Financial Donations

The most pressing need from NC Baptists on Mission is for financial donations.

You can make a donation by mailing a check to:
NCBM, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512
Memo line: Disaster Relief Hurricane Florence

As a reminder, contributing to the North Carolina Missions Offering, http://www.ncmissionsoffering.org supports all NCBM ministries.

Additionally, Send Relief has set up an online donation page.  For every dollar you donate, 100% goes to funding the needs of those affected by these disasters.

Cash donations are the best form of help for disaster relief efforts.

Volunteer Work

Eastern NC

Mud out, tear out teams are needed following Hurricane Florence- There are thousands of homes in Eastern NC that were affected by Hurricane Florence. We need you and your church or civic group to come and help people do mud outs and tear outs of homes that were flooded. We have 15 different sites that are coordinating these efforts. Please sign up on the link below and come and help relieve the hurt for the people affected by Hurricane Florence.

Cape Carteret

Hello Everyone. I want to ask you all to please put recovery teams together and help the survivors of this hurricane. We need help desperately, as every site does. It doesn’t matter if you have training or not.

At Cape Carteret Baptist Church in Cape Carteret where I am Site Coordinator, we have approx 225 jobs open, and growing daily, needing

  • tarps on roofs–#1 Priority!
  • spray/fog for mold
  • tear out/mud out
  • chainsaw tree removal

My priority is getting tarps or temporary roof repairs done, mold spraying as we can, trees off houses, which we have got all the trees off houses unless some come in next week. So the other tree jobs are yard trees, which are low priority. However, if a chainsaw only team can come, we will use them.

If anyone has a skid steer with a grapple bucket, we can use it to move debris.  Tarps are the priority right now. We can start tear out jobs and do more mold treatment once we get the tarping done.

  Planning for rebuilding homes is also in progress, so we will be into this for years to come. We need you to be the Church that has been preached about and use your body for Christ’ service. Please pray for God to use you in this Desperate time of need. 

Thank You,
Mark Hinson, NCBM Region 6 Recovery Coordinator