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26 April 2024
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In our culture, we are divided along party lines, income lines, and especially racial lines. That division has crept into the churches as well. That’s not how God designed the church. This is a reality to acknowledge and deal with as Christians. So, we’re going to work on that together as pastors and leaders in Metrolina in the coming months.

For more information about these and other leadership training opportunities for your church, contact Bob Lowman.

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Take the Caring Well Challenge

Is your church safe from abuse and safe for survivors? Join us in taking the Caring Well Challenge, an important step in confronting the abuse crisis. What is the Caring Well Challenge?

Pray for Me Campaign

Would your church commit to intergenerational prayer?

How can we connect more adults with more young people more naturally than ever before?

The Pray for Me Campaign was born out of this question. We believe every young person needs a team of Prayer Champions strategically praying for them. The Pray for Me Campaign creates a vast web of intergenerational relationships for young people and equips adult believers to pass on a sustainable faith to the next generation.

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