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Pastors’ Fellowship Gatherings

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December 6th–Ministers and Spouses Christmas Banquet at 7pm, held at the Great Commission Center FREE Childcare is provided. Please click on the image above to RSVP and/or request childcare.

Unless otherwise specified, Pastors’ Fellowships are 11am-1:30pm

Can’t make it to the Pastors’ Fellowship this month?  Join us next time!  Our next gatherings will be held on:

January 8–a LeaderSHOP combined event at MBA’s Great Commission Center, 1324 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 

February 5th–at Charlotte Vietnamese Baptist Church, 4301 Howie Circle, Charlotte, NC 

March 12th–at Freedom Worship Center, 4732 Old Pineville Road, Charlotte, NC

April 18th–at The Great Commission Center, 1324 The Plaza This lunch is held during Holy Week; we will be having the Lord’s Supper together

LeaderSHOP–Tools for Life and Ministry

Beginning in September, MBA will be offering LeaderSHOP classes.  These gatherings are designed to assist pastors and church leaders in their church ministry.  Classes will be held at the Great Commission Center.

January 2019: Church Revitalization with Dr. Bob Lowman, Director of Missions, MBA –January 8th, 11:30am-1pm

For more information about these and other leadership training opportunities for your church, contact Bob Lowman.

Baptist Children’s Homes Food RoundUp

It’s BCH Food RoundUp collection time! Bring your collected goods to the Great Commission Center by May 3rd. Baptist Children’s Homes will come to collect the food and grocery items soon, so don’t wait. Call (704) 375-1197 to schedule your dropoff.  

When churches, businesses and other community friends unite for the annual Food Roundup, it feeds hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls living at Baptist Children’s Homes. When you are feeding BCH cottages across North Carolina that can have as many as 12 to 16 residents, it takes a lot of food to fill hungry bellies.

We need you to help collect $400,000 in nonperishable food, supplies and gift cards. This equals approximately 700,000 meals and snacks — enough to feed them for a year!

Promote and collect throughout the month of April. You can deliver your collections at designated statewide pick-up points. BCH will begin picking up donations from collection points. 

You can find a list of Needed Items HERE

BCH also participates in the Full Circle Gift Card program.  Click HERE to donate gift cards online to BCH.  Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) is partnering with The Full Circle Program (TFCP) to make it easy for the community to provide healthy food for the children and families the nonprofit serves.

The Full Circle Program provides an innovative web-based portal where donors can access BCH’s needs list, purchase product(s) in bulk, and then choose which one of BCH’s statewide homes for the items to be shipped. Food donations to BCH made through TFCP’s website system are tax deductible. Plus, TFCP will donate 10% its gross profit from the purchase back to BCH.

Because of the increased emphasis being placed on healthy food options, The Full Circle Program strives to work with companies that can provide products made with natural ingredients and serve as healthy alternatives to the many high-processed national brands. Their website system ensures BCH receives the exact amount needed so there is no waste. In addition, TFCP prices are lower than the average retail price and ships the items purchased by donors for free anywhere in the U.S.

Our theme for 2018: “Who is my Neighbor?”

This question from Luke 10’s account of Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan will keep in front of us all year the responsibility we have to be neighbors to those around us.

We are producing LeaderLessons, articles for pastors and church leaders each month of the year to remind us biblically who our neighbors are, and what our responsibilities are as Great Commandment and Great Commission Christians with them.

Bounce Houses Available Upon Request

Metrolina Baptist Association has purchased 2 sets of bounce houses to be used as ministry tools by our churches and partners. Each set has ONE EACH: standard bounce house (13 x 13), and a bounce house with a slide. Our active associated ministry partners are welcome to reserve one or both bounce houses at a suggested donation.

View Our Calendar to see if your preferred dates are available.

We also have other ministry partners who have bounce houses that may be used depending on availability. If both sets of the MBA bounce houses are booked on your preferred dates, these partners may be contacted to see if their bounce houses are available. If your church or partner organization is looking to schedule an event, check out our online Bounce House Request Form.  We have two sets, each consisting of a Standard Bounce House (13ft x 13 ft) and a Bounce House with Slide.  You may opt to request one or both bounce houses.  Please understand that the bounce houses are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Need more info?  Contact or call (704) 375-1197 

NEW Bounce House Policy Begins June 1st (2018)

Due to high demand, each church may make 2 reservations per quarter.  Quarters are as follows: Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb, Mar-May, Jun-Aug.  

  • Our active associated churches, ministry partners, or church plants are welcome to reserve one or both bounce houses at a charge of $50 per bounce house
  • There will be a $25 Security Deposit per bounce house, which may be refunded when the bounce houses are returned clean, dry and folded properly
  • Partner ministries MUST have reservations made through an MBA church

Pray for Me Campaign

Would your church commit to intergenerational prayer?

How can we connect more adults with more young people more naturally than ever before?

The Pray for Me Campaign was born out of this question. We believe every young person needs a team of Prayer Champions strategically praying for them. The Pray for Me Campaign creates a vast web of intergenerational relationships for young people and equips adult believers to pass on a sustainable faith to the next generation.

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