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Pastor Appreciation Month

10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Pastor 1.) Send a simple Thank You card. 2.) In the middle of the week, send a quick email of encouragement. 3.) Pastors need time off, too. Take a special offering in your church or small group and gift your pastor with a […]

Would You Pay You What You Pay Your Pastor? |

                  As your church walks through the budget preparation process, a good question to ask…ask it well, prayerfully, and with faith-filled generosity. Source: Would You Pay You What You Pay Your Pastor? |

Ten Traits of Pastors Who Have Healthy Long-term Tenure

An excellent post by Thom Rainer on staying where God plants you to serve as long as He leaves you there…read & share, and THANK YOU to our pastors who persevere and serve the Lord, their families, their church families, and their communities in ways that make disciples. Ten Traits […]

Are You a Part-Time Church Goer? Insights from Trevin Wax

A good article on church attendance and participation…read, share, apply… Are You a Part-Time Church Goer? You Might Be Surprised by Trevin Wax – – Christian Leadership Blogs, Articles, Videos, How To's, and Free Resources.