In our culture, we are divided along party lines, income lines, and especially racial lines. That division has crept into the churches as well. That’s not how God designed the church. This is a reality to acknowledge and deal with as Christians. So, we’re going to work on that together as pastors and leaders in Metrolina in the coming months.

In this free, 5 session video series, church leaders and their congregations are invited into the living room for candid, gracious, biblical conversations about race. Join nine Christian leaders as they share what’s on their hearts and engage lovingly with one another.

Our hope is that this time of study together for pastors and church leaders will lead to churches doing this study for their congregations, building bridges and being Gospel community in the days ahead.

You can view the recordings of the Sessions below on our
MBA Blog.


Mon., August 31: Session 1 Introduction

Mon., September 28: Session 2 More Than a Hashtag

Mon., October 26: Session 3 More Than a Token Gesture

Mon., November 23: Session 4 More Than a Statement

Mon., December 7: Session 5 More Than a Social Gesture